56: The Church Strengthened

Merlin Miller preaches the 56th message from Acts, focusing on Acts 21:1-16. Paul continues to receive Spirit led information on what awaits him in Jerusalem, and pleas from his brothers and sisters to not continue on his journey. Nevertheless, at the end of the text he has followed the path of his Savior to Jerusalem.

53: The Church Strengthened

Merlin Miller continues his sermon series from the book of Acts, this 53rd message is taken for Acts 19:21-40.  Paul intends to leave Ephesus to continue strengthening other churches, but before he does there is a riot due to the successful power of the Gospel to change the culture of people.

51: The Church Strengthened

Merlin Miller preaches the 51st sermon from Acts, taken from Acts 19:1-10. Apollos, fully converted, leaves for Corinth but now Paul arrives at Ephesus and does as he always does: immediately begins to powerfully proclaim Jesus. We see new converts, fuller understanding by existing believers, and a powerful demonstration of God’s sovereignty and faithfulness.

50: The Church Strengthened

Merlin Miller returns to the study of book of Acts with the 50th message, taken from chapter 18:23-28. Having returned to where he was sent from, Paul does not stay long but makes another route through existing churches to strengthen them. Almost immediately the attention turns to Ephesus, where the conversion of Apollos will have lasting effects on the church.

47: The Church Expands

Merlin Miller preaches the 47th message from the book of Acts, from Acts 17:22-34. Paul has a chance to speak in the highest court in Athens and he takes full advantage, attempting to reveal to them a God they have as of yet not known, and the way to Him, namely Jesus. What will the results be?

46: The Church Expands

Merlin Miller preaches the 46th message from the book of Acts, from Acts 17:10-21.  With similar results to the Gospel message in Thessalonica, Paul and his companions move on to Berea, and quickly Paul further on to Athens.  The opposition continues, but the Gospel continues to overcome every obstacle.

39: A Critical Decision

Here now opposition of a different sort presents itself to the church of Jesus Christ, and a critical decision must be made.  This decision will be to either cave to internal pressure, split into two different “churches” or find a way to maintain truth and peace.  Merlin Miller preaches the 39th message of Acts from chapter 15:1-21 - what decision did the church make and how did they make it?

38: The Church Sent

Merlin Miller preaches the 38th message from Acts, from chapter 14:19-28 where Paul and Barnabas finish their first missionary journey.  How quickly the worship of those in Lystra turns to hatred!  Nevertheless, they continue to faithfully do what God asked them to, and when they return home they report to those who sent them.