From Reservation to Reservation - Trent's Team

This week was Tribal Waves annual prayer trip to all 7 of the Reservations in Montana and we had the privilege of going with them this year. Let’s just say it was probably the highlight of my outreach so far. God showed himself in new ways to all of us and we saw him moving through us. We left on Monday, March 27, and headed to the Crow reservation and stayed the night there before going on to the N. Cheyenne reservation where we stayed another night. From there we went to the Fort Peck reservation, then to the Fort Belknap reservation, and then on to the Rocky Boy reservation. Our next stop was Chester, which is not a reservation, but we did a Tribal Waves and Team Extreme show and stayed the night there. On Saturday, April 1, we headed to our last reservation – the Blackfeet reservation. We spent our last night there and then headed back to the base on the Flathead reservation on April 2. Because this was a prayer trip, prayer was a priority at every stop; at every reservation we either stayed at a church and prayed and worshiped with the people, or we just spent time praying over different places and people. And the cool thing is that every reservation had something different for us, they weren’t all the same. God showed up every time – even if it felt like he wouldn’t, like there wasn’t hope, he still showed up.

So that’s just a brief overview of the trip and I would write all the highlights for each one but that might be a bit much so I’ll pick 1 or so. 🙂 The place where I saw God probably move the most was in N. Cheyenne in a really small town called Busby located in the middle of nowhere. When we first got there on Tuesday (3/28) in the afternoon, I got this feeling of depression and felt really down and out of it. It was because of the spiritual warfare there, and we found out a little later that there had been a lot of deaths recently in the community; this was common on the other reservations too. So after we had gotten settled in and talked with the pastor, we had a time of worship and prayer.

Before worship and prayer, though, we were able to connect with the people there in a new, fun way. One of the young girls had a birthday, so we sang and did a dance for her, and then we somehow got into rapping. One of the staff, named Sam, from another team we were with was doing some funny freestyle rapping and somehow we decided to let him do a freestyle rap at the church – it was hilarious! Singing happy birthday and rapping before we started worship really opened the door to the people’s hearts there. It broke the ice; we had such a good time laughing with one another and that’s what softened their hearts.

After we sang a few songs, we asked some of the youth (which were all girls) if they had any prayer requests for the area. At first they didn’t seem very open to it, but then one girl asked for prayer for her family because they just lost their grandpa. After asking her more about it, she broke down and started crying and we were able to pray for her and just be there for the family. I think when the other kids and even adults saw her vulnerability, it opened up their hearts. After she shared, people kept coming and asking for prayer one by one and by the end we had prayed for everyone but maybe 1 or 2 people in the church.

During this time a young girl rededicated her life to Christ and forgave her mother, and later we prayed for a man named Dave (age 51) who we had asked if he wanted prayer. He came up and started crying and said he missed his twin brother who died a while back and we talked with him for a while and at the end he came to Christ!!! He said it was the first time that he had felt the presence of God and that we were different from others. At the end of the night, there was so much peace and comfort there. I felt so much better than when I had arrived. And I think one thing that opened the door for all this was when we sang “Happy Birthday” and rapped. J We did what we thought God was wanting us to do. Because of the heaviness of everything going on at the reservation, a normal worship service may not have allowed us to connect with people as well and been as impactful. I learned to be more open and if God puts something on my heart or in my mind, even if it seems weird sometimes, you got to have faith and trust him.


A Learning Week - Trent's Team

Hello everyone! Here is a glimpse into what our week was like last week. Sunday, I got my toes stepped on. Pastor Lynn talked about Soul Food and how our souls need rest. Two things that need to be practiced are solitude/silence and renewing our hope. I went to church thinking I was doing pretty well, but when Pastor Lynn started speaking, I'm pretty sure my soul gave me a nudge and a slap to the face. It was definitely a message I needed to hear. Dr. Pastor Lynn (what he called himself) gave the whole congregation a    prescription - to rest. He challenged us to be aware of ourselves, "How is it with your soul?"

This week the YWAM group started their LIT (leaders in training) class. Our team will be sitting in for 2 weeks to see what our fellow friends are learning and experience it for ourselves (pictured below). Georgia was one of the speakers this week. She and two other ladies have prayer walked throughout Montana. She reminded me that I need to put the armor of God on every day. This session came at a good time because we are preparing to travel to all 7 reservations in Montana for a week-long prayer tour. You can think of us as we prepare ourselves and ask for safe travels as we go from place to place.

Thanks for reading!


Hello from Ellerslie - Suzanne Glass

Hello Everyone who is desiring to read this. I am currently at Ellerslie in Windsor, Colorado. God’s timing has been perfect for me to be here. I am enjoying the refreshing yet challenging time spent learning more about who Jesus is and how that applies to my life. The set-apart environment (one that is protected as much as possible from distractions) has been good for me to regain balance in my walk with the Lord. Last year was really stressful for me but this has given my time to process everything while encouraging my focus to remain on the Lord. As well as take me deeper in my relationship with the Lord then I have had before. 

Below is my session review from one of the sessions this week. We are to write one for each session to take ownership of what was taught and then how we see it applying to our lives. I hope that someone will find this encouraging, and be blessed for reading it.


Unlocking the Mystery of Godliness

 In a culture, that at every turn pushes independence, a Christian is called to live a life of dependence on Christ. A Christian is a glove and He is the Hand. Without the Hand the glove can do nothing. Yet with the Hand inside the glove can lift, bend, do and carry all the Hand requires. The glove is not using its own resources but rather the resources, strength and ability of the Hand. When a Christian tries to live a life apart from Christ it won’t be a life that points to Christ but rather will only point to what the Christian can accomplish. Which depending on who it is may look impressive but will not fulfill the highest calling of abiding in Christ just He abided in the Father while on earth. A Christian life should be one that when the world looks on they are dumbfounded and can find no explanation except that the Spirit of God dwells in that person.  

Too often I find myself thinking of ways to self-source. Ways I can accomplish what needs to be done without depending on God. This session showed me how every sin is rooted in self-sourcing. On a day like today when I know I won’t even be able to get out of bed without Him I know what dependence is. Yet even in this there is a part of me that thinks that is wrong, that I should be able to live without the need of others and God but this way of thinking is sin. Yes, the pain that makes it at times hard to move doesn’t need to be there for me to be in a constant mode of depending on God, to be responding to all He has but today I choose to use it as a reminder and thank God for it. My job is not to figure out how everything will work but rather take the steps as God leads depending on Him with each step.

What about you are you finding rest in Him today by depending on Him and not trying to accomplish His work in your own strength? 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. May each one of you find hope as you look to the One who loves you with an everlasting love.

Love Your Sister in Christ,


The lake in town that we can walk around. A paved trail goes around the whole thing; it is about 2 mi. Beautiful place to walk or sit on the benches and do homework.

The lake in town that we can walk around. A paved trail goes around the whole thing; it is about 2 mi. Beautiful place to walk or sit on the benches and do homework.

Experiencing God In Loss - Trent Miller

This past week was a pretty busy one for myself. It started off with a really good time at church on Sunday when some ladies from Teen Challenge in Missoula came to speak. Teen Challenge is located in different areas in the States and they look to help teenagers, adults, and families with problems such as substance abuse and other life-controlling problems. They told some of their very powerful stories about how the Lord had rescued them. It’s really incredible how the Father moves and acts.

On Monday I had the opportunity to travel about three hours to Browning to attend a funeral with John and his wife Melissa. While there I was able to be shown around a good part of the Blackfeet Reservation. I also had the chance to see how life is on another reservation. The funeral itself was a pretty long one and was a mixture of native and Catholic practices. Attending the funeral and sitting there during the wake really made me think back on my good friend who passed away this past summer in a motorcycle accident. It has been difficult since then to say the least.

This past week was also difficult reliving those memories while attending a funeral of a man who I didn’t know, but I was able to at least feel the pain that the family and friends were experiencing. I spent most of the time during the service praying silently for those who were sitting next to me and for the family that God would give them peace and comfort during this time of loss.

The rest of the week was pretty normal in what we did. Christian’s dad and brother arrived on Friday and they were able to spend the weekend together. It was good to have them here and see what life is like for us here. I believe that Christian enjoyed his time with them.

Until next time…


Out of the Mouths of Babes - Trent's Team

Hello again readers!

These are some of the kids from the preschool that Kelly and I have been helping out at. We helped 2 days this past week. They are so energetic and joyful and the imaginations they have are astonishing! Featured in the pictures is a Star Wars ninja fight, where any water is death to their enemies & monsters(me,) and they have reviving powers and all sorts of crazy skills.

It’s crazy the things kids talk about sometimes. One of our topics at lunch, which can literally go anywhere, was sharing with others. But they were asking, can we share our eyes with so and so, or our ears, or heads, or hearts? And so on. Some of these things you don’t wanna share because then you would be dead, but we didn’t really explain that too deeply to them as they were just being silly. Then one of them asked if we can share our hearts with Jesus, and then instead of putting their friends names in where they could share things with, they started asking if they could share everything with Jesus. It was so cute but at the same time really made me think. These preschoolers have got it! Why not share our hands with Jesus, or have our eyes look through His tinting, or let Him in our hearts? These are just some questions that they prompted in me just because of their matter of fact way of asking, “why not?”

I know we all know this, but it was so refreshing to have it brought up by kids.

“…You have hidden these things from the wise and learned and revealed them to infants…” Luke 10:21

How much does our Father reveal to kids that we don’t wanna take, just because they’re kids?

This past weekend we also had family visit. It was a good time, just getting to know each other’s family and where we came from some more.

Anyway those are some thoughts from this week. Hope you enjoy!


Hello Everyone!! - Autumn Stevens

Hello Everyone!!

     Believe it or not, I do miss all of you and I'm excited that I get the chance to post a little update about what's happening out here at Ellerslie :) I've already learned so much in these past five weeks, every minute here is purposefully used to study, read, pray, learn, or share sweet fellowship with other students. Our homework assignments are great for teaching us how to focus on priorities and manage our time wisely. This past week I've been trying to remember that regardless of my list of "to do's" for the day, pursuing the presence of Jesus first is more important. If I put Him first in my day He gives me the grace to accomplish whatever other assignments need finished. Making Jesus the focus of all my thoughts and activities is a faltering, new habit that I want to make my lifestyle. 

      I've been trying to think of how to describe our schedule without making it confusing, let's see.......Oh, I've got just the thing! I'll include a picture so if you're interested in seeing how our days are spent, you can read till all your curiosity is satisfied :) 

      I was also wanting to share a least piece of something interesting we're learning, if I could share the whole pie I would, but that would take more time than either you or I have. For each session we're assigned to write a brief recap, I'll share one of mine from a session titled "Overcoming Sin":

      This class was taught from II Kings 18-19 and the story of King Hezekiah defying Sennacherib, the great King of Assyria. Eric was our teacher for this session and shared with us the power of God to overcome the power of sin in our lives. As weak, helpless sinners we are kept in bondage to sin by our own fear and unbelief in the Saviour's power. Yet, when we cry out to Jesus, just as Hezekiah cried out to Jehovah, our enemies are slain by the Lord who works powerfully on our behalf. There was one verse from this story that was so awe inspiring, II Kings 19:35 "And it came to pass on a certain night that the angel of the LORD went out, and killed in the camp of the Assyrians one hundred and eighty-five thousand; and when people arose early in the morning there were the corpses-all dead." That same God, in all of His terrible power, has destroyed the power of sin in my life just as he wiped out the army of Sennacherib King of Assyria. Praise the Lord!

        This session was a great encouragement from the Old Testament displaying the awesome power of God. Hearing the story of Hezekiah is exciting! I love the way that Scripture says he took the letter from Sennacherib and spread it before the Lord. In total desperation and utter lack of resources, Hezekiah turned to the Lord, pouring out all of his troubles before Him, and God answered Hezekiah in a supernatural, miraculous way. God has done the same on my behalf, through His Son He has totally wiped out the power the Enemy once held over me. I have been declared free from the power of sin and death. I am a new creation in Christ, set free from bondages and fear. Praise God! -Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are new. 2 Corinthians 5:17

           To wrap this up I'd like to give just a couple prayer requests:

1. Please pray that I would continue to walk in the victory through the grace given to me through Christ. Specifically that all of my thought habits, and daily activities would be totally centered on Christ and glorifying to Him. 

2. Join me in praying for Caleb, Harlee, and David, they've really been on my heart. I so want for them to find victory. 

Well, I think that's plenty for now. I hope everyone is doing well back at home. Thank you so much for your prayers! 

Blessings, Autumn

Jenna took this picture of the sunrise, they're beautiful out here! 

Jenna took this picture of the sunrise, they're beautiful out here! 

This is my room mate Patricia Mullet. 

This is my room mate Patricia Mullet. 

Small Things Matter - Trent's Team

Hello people who are reading this,

This week was once again a growing week for me as well as just realizing the importance of being where I am. On Tuesday I had to lead worship for the other team we work with; this was probably the first time I’ve actually had to lead completely and it was really awesome! Then on Wednesday, I had to lead worship for the youth group we help out with and I will be leading there in the future, too, so it’s been awesome to get more experience leading worship; even though I don’t always like it, it grows me!

On Thursday nights we have a Bible study at one of our outreach coordinator’s house and last week we discussed the passage about the mustard seed in Matthew 13. We talked about how small things can make a big difference and how important things like reading the Word, praying, and fasting have just become things your supposed to do as a Christian instead of things you actually want to do for personal growth. I’ve realized that doing those things have probably impacted me the most here. In John 15:4 it says, “Remain in me as I also remain in you,” and if I want to remain in Him, I have to remain in His Word and seek Him. That’s something I’m going to take with me my whole life.

Thanks for reading,


A Week Outside of Normal - Trent's Team

This week was different for Amy and I. We had to fill in at the church daycare for the week. This consisted of us making breakfast and lunch and putting out the snack. We also went outside (when the weather was cooperating) to play or go on a walk with the kids. It was a great experience and a reminder of what child like faith looks like.

We as a team went ice skating for a friend’s birthday. Our new friend saw the true side of team Montana and we are lucky to say she still calls us friends.

Once a month we have a church service in a town called Elmo. We meet at a community center to have church on Sundays and family fun night every Sunday evening.

We also have our Wednesday bible study here, too.


Prayer requests:

  • Some of our family members are coming out to visit this week, so prayer for safe travels!
  • Much needed reuniting time!

Thanks for reading!


He Is Faithful - Trent Miller

Hello again! This past week was a pretty normal week for us here. We went to the gym, had prayer in Elmo, and we also had a program at the boys and girls club. I wasn’t too sure how it would be, and if I would like them but I’ve really started to enjoy doing the shows. It’s really a blessing to see how excited the kids get with the whole thing. With these programs we do some dances and then also some feats of strength type stuff with Tribal Waves and Team Extreme.

On Thursday we went around to the different entrances into the reservation and prayed for the res as a whole. It was a really good time for us and I really felt the Father working here. I believe that some big things are going to happen.

Something that happened that wasn’t planned was on Sunday evening when we usually go about 45 minutes north to another YWAM base to play some basketball.  During my game I drove in and went up for a layup and when I came down it was unfortunately on top of someone else foot. Needless to say I sprained my ankle pretty badly. This is now the second time since being here that I’ve had to practice my crutch abilities. As of Tuesday when I’m writing this it has since gone down in swelling and is not as stiff or sore. This morning during our worship time we were singing of the Father’s faithfulness and I just started to pray to the Father that even though I’m on crutches and not able to be as active he is still faithful. He is still good. This may be an inconvenience at this time but it’s nothing that He can’t work through. I trust that He can heal me but even if this lasts for a long time, I’ll still praise Him.

That’s about all for this week. Thank you all for your prayers for us as a team. We really appreciate them all and we do need them.

Thanks for reading!


Planting Seeds - Trent's Team

This past week I had some really cool experiences with taking steps in trusting God and what He's telling me. One story goes like this...

Kelly and I were driving home one afternoon and I decided I wanted to be dropped off at my favorite coffee shop. We drove past the coffee shop and for some reason it was closed, so Kelly suggested taking me to one we hadn't tried, but where our friend was working. So she drops me off there and I go in and am talking to my friend and getting coffee. I was just hanging out there waiting for her to close up when a girl comes in and orders. Obviously that's normal, as this is a cafe, that's what people do. She sits down at the table next to mine and after getting her food, she just sits there staring at it, looking pretty despondent.

I felt like I was to mention something about the weather to her so I did, and that just opened it up for a really personal conversation. She told me some stuff she was going through and I basically just listened the whole time. By the time the shop closed up and she was done sharing, I definitely knew God had a reason for sending me to that cafe. I got to pray for her at the end, but other than that, just listening seemed to be enough. I'm glad that instead of worrying about sounding awkward and not saying anything, that God was able to use me that afternoon. How many times do you feel that prompting to just smile at someone or wish them a good day? Sometimes that's all it takes to plant a seed.

Thanks for your prayers!