Tales From Taylor's Lane - Suzanne Glass

As I settle into life as a nanny in Wisconsin I know I don’t know all the reasons God has me here but I know He is still growing me and teaching me new lessons. With a newborn in the house I have had the privilege of sharing in the night time feedings. Often times in the quiet of the night Beckett lets out cries to be fed then latches on to the bottle as if his life depends on getting the contents into to his tummy. (Which I guess it does ;)  That milk is the only thing that will satisfy him. 1 Peter 2:2-3 has continued to come to mind. “Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation— if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good.”  I know for experienced parents this is nothing new but I am still in awe of how God uses that word picture. I look down at Beckett and realize that most time I don’t even come close to desiring time with Jesus and His Word as much as he desires the milk in the bottle. How often do I try to satisfy the hunger and thirsting of my soul with something else? I might even know it is not what I truly want or need but it seems easier at the time. 

I know those who belong to the Riverview have for the most part grown up in families that put importance on knowing God’s Word. Often times I took it for granted that others knew what I was talking about when I referred to a Bible story or quoted a verse to make a point or as encouragement. Yet as I have visited other churches and interacted with so many believers outside of the circles I am use to I see a great need in the church today to know the Word. People who have gone to church for years are still “drinking” the milk someone else is giving them instead of learning to “chew on the meat” they learn from the source itself. Nothing in life can replace the nourishment of God’s Word in our lives. Our spiritual lives depend on it. 

As the twins (three year old boys) looked at a Bible storybook that I had just finished reading to their little sister before putting her in bed I heard them say “Look he is pooping”. Glancing at the book I saw that the artist had draw Samson face with an expression that to toddlers getting potty train only made sense that he was in need of a toilet. I had to laugh as I saw they had a point. Yet in the days following my mind returned to that image and again I had to laugh to think that God chooses to use us to accomplish His great works on earth. How can that ever be captured in a picture? Samson’s story is a warning and encouragement to all of us. 

Caring for three toddlers and a newborn my days are filled with wiping sticky hands and runny noses, giving time outs and holding crying children, yet it is so much fun to be purposefully planting seeds in the minds of those precious children of truth that God can bring back to mind later on as He draws them to Himself.  I have been blessed by those at Riverview who are taking the time to raise their children to love the Lord by modeling it to them in their own lives and using the every day to teach them about the great love that God has for us that He demonstrated with the cross. Because of the cross I live in hope each day knowing every task given me to do has worth when done for Him. 

Learning to walk closer to my Savior,