A Crazy, Good Week - Briana's Team

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the warmer weather. As for us here, we have been enjoying (at least mostly) 99-100 degree days this past week; which mainly became difficult when we wanted to do things outside. This past week has felt a little busy, but overall it was a great week.

Since Monday was a pretty normal day for us, let's start with Tuesday. Our day started out at the school with our kids, as always. Once we were done there, we headed to old town Scottsdale to semi-finish our souvenir shopping. We spent several hours walking around town, enjoying the warm weather and each others company and laughing. As our time in Scottsdale came to a close, we all looked forward to dinner that night with one of our favorite teachers at Garfield school. Needless to say, with plenty of laughing and even some cheesecake, our night was well spent, and it was the perfect way to end our day.

On to Wednesday. With school in the morning, babysitting our outreach coordinator's son in the afternoon, and the kids' programs that night, it felt like we were always around at least one child that day. Which is not something I am complaining about by any means. Wednesday's sometimes seem to be one of my favorite days of the week now. Not only do I get to see the kindergartner I help with reading, but also all of our kids that come to the programs at night. Karlee and I have the pleasure of teaching a crazy class of kindergarten-2nd graders. On an average night we have about 15-20 kids in our class, and as crazy as it can get at times, I love it. It might not always seem like they listen to the story, or ask any other question other than "Can I have water?", but somehow, amidst all of the crazy, they do listen, and they take to heart what we say. Some of them even ask good questions about the story, or a completely unrelated question that needs to be answered nonetheless. Looking back on all of the months we've been here, I always thought I would be the one making a impact in the lives of the kids, but it has turned out to be opposite, as many people told me it would. These kids have made such an impact on my life, they make me think of things differently, and they bring me so much joy. While part of me is ready to go home and see my family, I don't want to leave these kids. If you wondered what I'm dreading the most about leaving, that's your answer, leaving my kids.

And before I get too sappy about the kids, let's move on to Friday, the 100 degree day when, not only did we go hiking, but also played in a kickball tournament. We started our day off with an easier hike in what was known as Superstition wilderness. While not all of my teammates would agree, I for one am glad I only saw lizards and a dead snake, thankfully no live snakes. That night, we all played on a team in a kickball tournament to raise money for back to school supplies for the kids of Garfield elementary school. Our team made it to the semi-finals, which was where our kickball journey ended. It was a great night of fun with friends, even if some of us walked away a little more beat up than before we had started.

Saturday was full of prep for the BBQ fundraiser we had that night to raise money for kids to go to camp with Aim Right.

Overall this week has been tiring, but full of fun, laughter, and excitement. On behalf of my team, I want to thank you all for your continued prayers and support.

Until next time,