Pondering Homedome - Briana Byler

Home. We all have one. I have called many places home for various amount of times.

What makes a home a home? Is it the location? The vicinity it is to your family? The coziness of the interior? Or is it partially the confidence you get from knowing you are where God wants you?

This is an interesting way to start off the blog, I realize that, but this train of thought has come from something that an intern whom we met at i6eight (the ministry we helped in Mexico, see the last blog) said.

This intern has recently become a Mexican resident and is going to a training center in Southern Mexico for a year to learn how to reach one of the several hundred unreached people groups within Mexico.

He mentioned that he had a lot of reservations and excuses when he first felt called to go, but he realized, those reservations and excuses that he was saying were exactly the same ones that others use not to go to the same place that he was called. Which has made him pose the question, “If I don’t go, who will?”

Now before someone corrects me and lets me know that, of course God won’t let that people group go without the opportunity of hearing about Jesus. After all he won’t come back until every tribe and tongue has had said opportunity.

Well, yes that is true. But he has been called to go to that group of people and if he doesn’t go, God isn’t going to just let them slip under the radar, he will send another person to go. But isn’t it better if we just trust in God’s goodness and follow where he leads us?

This now leads to my point and to the title of this blog. Isn’t wherever God calls us home? It may not feel homey or even comfortable. But will we ever actually, truly feel at home anywhere on this earth? We weren’t created for an eternity spent on this large ball of magna, dirt and water. At least we weren’t created to be here alone.

We were created to spend our eternity with God in His perfect home. But when we disobeyed, we were separated from God by our sin. And that feeling of home? Gone. Until one day, when our Saviour comes riding through the clouds or we are carried home. Then. Restoration and the ultimate peace of being home.

We strive so hard to make our houses feel like a home and sometimes we even feel perfectly at home. We have those moments in our physical homes but also when we are in deep communion with our God. And I think those are special moments given to us as gifts and as a reassurance that we will one day be at home.

So, where is my home? Is it here in Phoenix where I spent a chunk of my childhood and I’m currently living? Is it in northern IN where my family lives and I have spent the majority of my life? Is it in a small apartment in Granada, Spain where I really started to fall in love with God? Is it in a coastal city of Ecuador where I helped take care of children for 3 months? Or is it in a brand new place that I have never visited? Yes, to all of the above! Home is where God has placed me and where he has me to serve and glorify him.

And so as I continue to live in this home in Phoenix that I have right now, I pray that I won’t be constantly looking to the future and wishing I was in my other “home”. But that instead I will be content learning and living here and spending time with the students we spend so much time with and with my teammates. I pray that I will, as apostle Paul put it, learn to be content in any and every situation. Whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. And also to make my home wherever God calls me.

God is so good all the time. All the time, God is good.

Here are some ways that you can pray for our team as you think of us:

  1. That we would still be fully invested here and not mentally check out.

  2. That we would be faithful in sharing God’s love as we have opportunity in words and actions.

  3. That we would continue to uplift and build each other up

  4. That God would continue to work in the hearts of the kids and teens that we interact with daily.