Update from Autumn Stevens

     Well hello there! I'm finally getting around to another letter for all of you back at home. First of all, how have you been? What's God been teaching you lately? I'm really looking forward to coming home and having real conversation, because I hate writing a one way communication that is only about what's happening in my life. 

      Today has been such a good day, we all just got back from a short hike in Estes Park. Although it was pretty cold, and extremely windy (60-70 mph wind gusts), I loved it!! The wind was a little scary though, it made you feel as if you might either blow off the mountain, or get smashed up against the rocks! Aside from the Estes weather, we've had beautiful spring days with warm sunny weather. It's been beautiful! 

      Over the past nine weeks God has been so good! There have been things about this season that are hard, things that are stretching, things that are tiring, well all sorts of things I suppose! Our classes have been so good, and I feel some days as if there is just not any more room to stuff even another tidbit of information! I guess I have to trust that whatever things that I've heard the Lord will remind me of those things as I need them. 

      A major thing that the Lord has been teaching me is how to better discipline my mind-in a lot of ways! For example, instead of allowing myself to become obsessed with my appearance, I want to train myself to be totally obsessed with Jesus. It's ridiculous how much I am constantly "watching" myself in light of what others might be thinking. There's a lot of other ways as well, like teaching myself how to say "No", how to focus in worship, how to love the Lord with my mind, how to ditch all of my old motives and exchange them for new ones. I think the list could go on! By His grace, I pray that the growth and continued thought training also goes on until I am pleasing to Him in all of my thoughts. 

      Another great lesson that I would not have expected to learn is the power of confession, the freedom of walking totally in the light, and the amazing blessing of conviction in my life. When we confess our sins He truly is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness! I'm finding that if I confess something it does three things, 1. It leaves no room in my life for darkness, 2. It disables the work of the Enemy in that area, and 3. It can be used by God as an encouragement to the rest of the Body. It's amazing! 

      One of my favorite information kind of things that we've had in our classes is how to see Jesus throughout the whole Bible. Yes, I've heard before that Jesus is on every page, but when you actually begin seeing it, it's super exciting! When I come home, I'd love to tell you some of them :) 

      Well, I suppose that this update is plenty long! I'm really looking forward to coming home in three short weeks and catching up with all of you! 

Blessed beyond what I deserve, 

Oh, and P.S. Thank you to each of you who have sent mail or packages, they make my day and I feel so blessed by the sweet thoughtfulness of everybody back at home :)