From Reservation to Reservation - Trent's Team

This week was Tribal Waves annual prayer trip to all 7 of the Reservations in Montana and we had the privilege of going with them this year. Let’s just say it was probably the highlight of my outreach so far. God showed himself in new ways to all of us and we saw him moving through us. We left on Monday, March 27, and headed to the Crow reservation and stayed the night there before going on to the N. Cheyenne reservation where we stayed another night. From there we went to the Fort Peck reservation, then to the Fort Belknap reservation, and then on to the Rocky Boy reservation. Our next stop was Chester, which is not a reservation, but we did a Tribal Waves and Team Extreme show and stayed the night there. On Saturday, April 1, we headed to our last reservation – the Blackfeet reservation. We spent our last night there and then headed back to the base on the Flathead reservation on April 2. Because this was a prayer trip, prayer was a priority at every stop; at every reservation we either stayed at a church and prayed and worshiped with the people, or we just spent time praying over different places and people. And the cool thing is that every reservation had something different for us, they weren’t all the same. God showed up every time – even if it felt like he wouldn’t, like there wasn’t hope, he still showed up.

So that’s just a brief overview of the trip and I would write all the highlights for each one but that might be a bit much so I’ll pick 1 or so. 🙂 The place where I saw God probably move the most was in N. Cheyenne in a really small town called Busby located in the middle of nowhere. When we first got there on Tuesday (3/28) in the afternoon, I got this feeling of depression and felt really down and out of it. It was because of the spiritual warfare there, and we found out a little later that there had been a lot of deaths recently in the community; this was common on the other reservations too. So after we had gotten settled in and talked with the pastor, we had a time of worship and prayer.

Before worship and prayer, though, we were able to connect with the people there in a new, fun way. One of the young girls had a birthday, so we sang and did a dance for her, and then we somehow got into rapping. One of the staff, named Sam, from another team we were with was doing some funny freestyle rapping and somehow we decided to let him do a freestyle rap at the church – it was hilarious! Singing happy birthday and rapping before we started worship really opened the door to the people’s hearts there. It broke the ice; we had such a good time laughing with one another and that’s what softened their hearts.

After we sang a few songs, we asked some of the youth (which were all girls) if they had any prayer requests for the area. At first they didn’t seem very open to it, but then one girl asked for prayer for her family because they just lost their grandpa. After asking her more about it, she broke down and started crying and we were able to pray for her and just be there for the family. I think when the other kids and even adults saw her vulnerability, it opened up their hearts. After she shared, people kept coming and asking for prayer one by one and by the end we had prayed for everyone but maybe 1 or 2 people in the church.

During this time a young girl rededicated her life to Christ and forgave her mother, and later we prayed for a man named Dave (age 51) who we had asked if he wanted prayer. He came up and started crying and said he missed his twin brother who died a while back and we talked with him for a while and at the end he came to Christ!!! He said it was the first time that he had felt the presence of God and that we were different from others. At the end of the night, there was so much peace and comfort there. I felt so much better than when I had arrived. And I think one thing that opened the door for all this was when we sang “Happy Birthday” and rapped. J We did what we thought God was wanting us to do. Because of the heaviness of everything going on at the reservation, a normal worship service may not have allowed us to connect with people as well and been as impactful. I learned to be more open and if God puts something on my heart or in my mind, even if it seems weird sometimes, you got to have faith and trust him.