Deepening Friendships and Football Games - Trent's Team

This past week has felt crazy for me with everything that's been happening since the prayer tour and getting back on schedule, and with things back home. We had sat in on lectures the first two weeks of Leadership Intern Training with the YWAM staff, but last week we did our own team stuff in the mornings and then joined them for the rest of the day in our normal activities. We have enjoyed the team here and are sad to see them leave in 3 weeks for their outreach. They will be traveling to Southeast Asia and Pacific regions doing shows and ministering there, sleeping under the mango trees, etc. They have really taught me a lot about faith and just believing our Father will show up. I've appreciated them so much and enjoyed serving with them. They have been a huge blessing in my life.

The mornings before lectures would start, our team plus the YWAM team would have a time of affirming each other and going through each person and encouraging them and praying for them. It was such a blessing for me, to receive that and to give that encouragement!

This week we were also doing some prep work. We have a busy week coming up as we are hosting a tribal council appreciation meal, a Seder meal, and fundraising.

Our team also got to go exploring one morning at Kerr Dam. That was fun to explore the trails and climb some rock faces, take pictures - oh, and try to scare one of our team members by running up to the edge or even just standing a few feet away from the edge. Ahem, Kelly. ;) Ahhh good times.

Another thing this week was the guys’ second football game in their semi pro league, so we showed up to watch and cheer them on! Go monsters! (I’m not sure who picked the name.) I guess we need to work on our cheering, as we lost, but it was still a great experience to watch them play and see their hard work in action. This is a part of the sports ministry we do, besides the time we spend at the gym.

So yeah, just be praying for us and thanks for reading!