He Is Faithful - Trent Miller

Hello again! This past week was a pretty normal week for us here. We went to the gym, had prayer in Elmo, and we also had a program at the boys and girls club. I wasn’t too sure how it would be, and if I would like them but I’ve really started to enjoy doing the shows. It’s really a blessing to see how excited the kids get with the whole thing. With these programs we do some dances and then also some feats of strength type stuff with Tribal Waves and Team Extreme.

On Thursday we went around to the different entrances into the reservation and prayed for the res as a whole. It was a really good time for us and I really felt the Father working here. I believe that some big things are going to happen.

Something that happened that wasn’t planned was on Sunday evening when we usually go about 45 minutes north to another YWAM base to play some basketball.  During my game I drove in and went up for a layup and when I came down it was unfortunately on top of someone else foot. Needless to say I sprained my ankle pretty badly. This is now the second time since being here that I’ve had to practice my crutch abilities. As of Tuesday when I’m writing this it has since gone down in swelling and is not as stiff or sore. This morning during our worship time we were singing of the Father’s faithfulness and I just started to pray to the Father that even though I’m on crutches and not able to be as active he is still faithful. He is still good. This may be an inconvenience at this time but it’s nothing that He can’t work through. I trust that He can heal me but even if this lasts for a long time, I’ll still praise Him.

That’s about all for this week. Thank you all for your prayers for us as a team. We really appreciate them all and we do need them.

Thanks for reading!