A Learning Week - Trent's Team

Hello everyone! Here is a glimpse into what our week was like last week. Sunday, I got my toes stepped on. Pastor Lynn talked about Soul Food and how our souls need rest. Two things that need to be practiced are solitude/silence and renewing our hope. I went to church thinking I was doing pretty well, but when Pastor Lynn started speaking, I'm pretty sure my soul gave me a nudge and a slap to the face. It was definitely a message I needed to hear. Dr. Pastor Lynn (what he called himself) gave the whole congregation a    prescription - to rest. He challenged us to be aware of ourselves, "How is it with your soul?"

This week the YWAM group started their LIT (leaders in training) class. Our team will be sitting in for 2 weeks to see what our fellow friends are learning and experience it for ourselves (pictured below). Georgia was one of the speakers this week. She and two other ladies have prayer walked throughout Montana. She reminded me that I need to put the armor of God on every day. This session came at a good time because we are preparing to travel to all 7 reservations in Montana for a week-long prayer tour. You can think of us as we prepare ourselves and ask for safe travels as we go from place to place.

Thanks for reading!