Hello from Ellerslie - Suzanne Glass

Hello Everyone who is desiring to read this. I am currently at Ellerslie in Windsor, Colorado. God’s timing has been perfect for me to be here. I am enjoying the refreshing yet challenging time spent learning more about who Jesus is and how that applies to my life. The set-apart environment (one that is protected as much as possible from distractions) has been good for me to regain balance in my walk with the Lord. Last year was really stressful for me but this has given my time to process everything while encouraging my focus to remain on the Lord. As well as take me deeper in my relationship with the Lord then I have had before. 

Below is my session review from one of the sessions this week. We are to write one for each session to take ownership of what was taught and then how we see it applying to our lives. I hope that someone will find this encouraging, and be blessed for reading it.


Unlocking the Mystery of Godliness

 In a culture, that at every turn pushes independence, a Christian is called to live a life of dependence on Christ. A Christian is a glove and He is the Hand. Without the Hand the glove can do nothing. Yet with the Hand inside the glove can lift, bend, do and carry all the Hand requires. The glove is not using its own resources but rather the resources, strength and ability of the Hand. When a Christian tries to live a life apart from Christ it won’t be a life that points to Christ but rather will only point to what the Christian can accomplish. Which depending on who it is may look impressive but will not fulfill the highest calling of abiding in Christ just He abided in the Father while on earth. A Christian life should be one that when the world looks on they are dumbfounded and can find no explanation except that the Spirit of God dwells in that person.  

Too often I find myself thinking of ways to self-source. Ways I can accomplish what needs to be done without depending on God. This session showed me how every sin is rooted in self-sourcing. On a day like today when I know I won’t even be able to get out of bed without Him I know what dependence is. Yet even in this there is a part of me that thinks that is wrong, that I should be able to live without the need of others and God but this way of thinking is sin. Yes, the pain that makes it at times hard to move doesn’t need to be there for me to be in a constant mode of depending on God, to be responding to all He has but today I choose to use it as a reminder and thank God for it. My job is not to figure out how everything will work but rather take the steps as God leads depending on Him with each step.

What about you are you finding rest in Him today by depending on Him and not trying to accomplish His work in your own strength? 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. May each one of you find hope as you look to the One who loves you with an everlasting love.

Love Your Sister in Christ,


The lake in town that we can walk around. A paved trail goes around the whole thing; it is about 2 mi. Beautiful place to walk or sit on the benches and do homework.

The lake in town that we can walk around. A paved trail goes around the whole thing; it is about 2 mi. Beautiful place to walk or sit on the benches and do homework.