Experiencing God In Loss - Trent Miller

This past week was a pretty busy one for myself. It started off with a really good time at church on Sunday when some ladies from Teen Challenge in Missoula came to speak. Teen Challenge is located in different areas in the States and they look to help teenagers, adults, and families with problems such as substance abuse and other life-controlling problems. They told some of their very powerful stories about how the Lord had rescued them. It’s really incredible how the Father moves and acts.

On Monday I had the opportunity to travel about three hours to Browning to attend a funeral with John and his wife Melissa. While there I was able to be shown around a good part of the Blackfeet Reservation. I also had the chance to see how life is on another reservation. The funeral itself was a pretty long one and was a mixture of native and Catholic practices. Attending the funeral and sitting there during the wake really made me think back on my good friend who passed away this past summer in a motorcycle accident. It has been difficult since then to say the least.

This past week was also difficult reliving those memories while attending a funeral of a man who I didn’t know, but I was able to at least feel the pain that the family and friends were experiencing. I spent most of the time during the service praying silently for those who were sitting next to me and for the family that God would give them peace and comfort during this time of loss.

The rest of the week was pretty normal in what we did. Christian’s dad and brother arrived on Friday and they were able to spend the weekend together. It was good to have them here and see what life is like for us here. I believe that Christian enjoyed his time with them.

Until next time…