Small Things Matter - Trent's Team

Hello people who are reading this,

This week was once again a growing week for me as well as just realizing the importance of being where I am. On Tuesday I had to lead worship for the other team we work with; this was probably the first time I’ve actually had to lead completely and it was really awesome! Then on Wednesday, I had to lead worship for the youth group we help out with and I will be leading there in the future, too, so it’s been awesome to get more experience leading worship; even though I don’t always like it, it grows me!

On Thursday nights we have a Bible study at one of our outreach coordinator’s house and last week we discussed the passage about the mustard seed in Matthew 13. We talked about how small things can make a big difference and how important things like reading the Word, praying, and fasting have just become things your supposed to do as a Christian instead of things you actually want to do for personal growth. I’ve realized that doing those things have probably impacted me the most here. In John 15:4 it says, “Remain in me as I also remain in you,” and if I want to remain in Him, I have to remain in His Word and seek Him. That’s something I’m going to take with me my whole life.

Thanks for reading,