A Week Outside of Normal - Trent's Team

This week was different for Amy and I. We had to fill in at the church daycare for the week. This consisted of us making breakfast and lunch and putting out the snack. We also went outside (when the weather was cooperating) to play or go on a walk with the kids. It was a great experience and a reminder of what child like faith looks like.

We as a team went ice skating for a friend’s birthday. Our new friend saw the true side of team Montana and we are lucky to say she still calls us friends.

Once a month we have a church service in a town called Elmo. We meet at a community center to have church on Sundays and family fun night every Sunday evening.

We also have our Wednesday bible study here, too.


Prayer requests:

  • Some of our family members are coming out to visit this week, so prayer for safe travels!
  • Much needed reuniting time!

Thanks for reading!