Planting Seeds - Trent's Team

This past week I had some really cool experiences with taking steps in trusting God and what He's telling me. One story goes like this...

Kelly and I were driving home one afternoon and I decided I wanted to be dropped off at my favorite coffee shop. We drove past the coffee shop and for some reason it was closed, so Kelly suggested taking me to one we hadn't tried, but where our friend was working. So she drops me off there and I go in and am talking to my friend and getting coffee. I was just hanging out there waiting for her to close up when a girl comes in and orders. Obviously that's normal, as this is a cafe, that's what people do. She sits down at the table next to mine and after getting her food, she just sits there staring at it, looking pretty despondent.

I felt like I was to mention something about the weather to her so I did, and that just opened it up for a really personal conversation. She told me some stuff she was going through and I basically just listened the whole time. By the time the shop closed up and she was done sharing, I definitely knew God had a reason for sending me to that cafe. I got to pray for her at the end, but other than that, just listening seemed to be enough. I'm glad that instead of worrying about sounding awkward and not saying anything, that God was able to use me that afternoon. How many times do you feel that prompting to just smile at someone or wish them a good day? Sometimes that's all it takes to plant a seed.

Thanks for your prayers!