Learning Experience - Trent's Team

Hey Friends! 

This week, I was in charge of creative outreach. Creative outreach is when we try to come up with different ways to show the Father’s love to others. Before we have done “brown bagging” which is when we put water, fruit, veggies, and a sandwich into a bag then go out and look for homeless or others who need food. We have also wrote notes to people here at the training center, encouraging them and telling them how we appreciate them. We also bought two gift cards to Walmart and gave them away. We found out that some people thought we were doing it as a charity case which was definitely not our intentions. When we found the people who took the gift cards they were very honored and thankful. 

So, when I planned it this time, I decided we could go to Starbucks and when one of us felt led we would pay for a persons beverage and then talk to the Father on their behalf. I was thinking it would be a slow time since it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon when we went. Turns out it was really busy. Amy went up and talked to this older gentleman. You could see he was caught off guard when she offered to pay for his coffee. It was neat to see a reaction like that. He said it felt weird to take her money but they ended up talking about his kids and grandchildren. After that, we didn’t feel like it was good idea to do it at a such a busy time. Even though it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, it was a good learning experience and I am glad we at least got to meet that older gentleman. 

Thanks for reading! Please continue to keep us in your thoughts as we prepare to leave in the next couple weeks. – Kelly