Silent Retreat - Trent's Team

Dear Readers,

So far DTS has been awesome, This week I’ve learned a lot about how to worship God in solitude and silence which was something that was hard for me to do before. I think as a team we really have started to connect well and our outreaches have been going really well! This weekend everybody went to Camp Buckeye for a silent retreat, we left on Friday at like 2 and starting then we were completely silent and fasted until Saturday night. I think a lot of us really connected with God including myself, and it was just a really refreshing time. We left Sunday then at about 1 and got back at 3 and then that evening Polen came and led us in worship which was a huge highlight for me.

Some things you could pray for:

  • Team unity and openness
  • Boldness for everyone
  • That our team would be able to connect and create relationships with people on are outreaches